Through a combination of hard work, experience and attention to detail many local companies have trusted us for their IT support, time after time.  Please see below for a selection of some of out latest reviews.

We use Simon all the time for our IT issues, he is always responsive and solves the issue in a practical no jargon way. I would highly recommend Beyond Beige for any IT support.

BEYOND BEIGE – IT support services for small business
Murray Kemp
Business Owner
I recently lost all my data as my computor crashed, I was given Simons name and he was able to restore all my lost data and showed me how to make my data safe, I cannot recommend him highly enough. For any computor problem he is the man to call, excellent customer service.
BEYOND BEIGE – IT support services for small business
Beverly Sutton
Domestic Client
As a professional website designer I consider myself quite tech savvy. However there are times when I need some technical IT support. For example I sometimes have to help clients set up Microsoft 356 email or assist them with hardware issues. When this happens I turn to someone I know will be able to help, Simon Goodman from Beyond Beige. Simon helps me with IT support services, Microsoft email systems and other email routing issues. He provides an excellent IT Consultancy service and has helped one of my clients install a mesh wifi system over an extended work site. He is a font of useful information and really knows his onions (Computer hardware and software). I would not hesitate to recommend Simon’s services and know that if I refer one of my clients to Beyond Beige his professionalism will reflect well upon my business.
BEYOND BEIGE – IT support services for small business
Martin Ingram
Website Designer