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Services and Solutions. An introduction to the services and solutions that Beyond Beige offers
Services and Solutions. An introduction to the services and solutions that Beyond Beige offers

With many years expertise under our belts, Beyond Beige is well placed to offer you a range of affordable IT Solutions. Through a combination of hard work, experience and attention to detail many local companies have trusted us for their IT support, time after time.

We offer a range of services, support and solutions including the following:

Whether you are a home user or a medium sized business we have a support package to suit your needs either through a one off call out that is ideal for the domestic customer to a bespoke maintenance plan with pre-paid hours that can be topped up if required. Unlike many maintenance contracts where you pay a fixed sum every month regardless of whether you use the service or not, we offer a scheme where you pay a fixed amount each month which can then be ‘spent’ when needed.

Unlike many maintenance contracts where you pay a fee regardless, whether you use the service or not, our scheme allows you to bank hours which can then be ‘spent’ when needed.  Under-pinned by site visits which provide a safety net ensuring “unspent” hours are not lost, allowing these to be used keeping you operating efficiently.  The system has been designed with the goals of being both cost effective, and to help you catch small issues before they become bigger problems.


We pride ourselves on providing impartial, clear and concise advice in plain English so that you can make an informed decision, whether you need help on getting the most from your current setup, looking to purchase new hardware or the implementation of new software.

Backing up your data is one of the most important yet one of the most neglected areas of I.T. and it should be your number one priority of computer maintenance. Without a back up strategy you are running the risk of losing valuable information.
Why back up?
Losing your data can happen in a number of ways but it usually is caused by the physical failure of the computer storage device (Hard Drive), as this is normally a mechanic device that will eventually fail. This can happen gradually or suddenly with no warning and it can be incredibly difficult to retrieve data. However if your system is backed up it’s a simple matter of replacing the storage device and restoring the data.

Fortunately there are plenty of economical ways to back up your data from traditional tape, to online storage but no one method is right for everyone. Beyond Beige can advise and make recommendations based on your requirements.

Whatever your requirements from a database, Beyond Beige can help to design, modify and develop a system that will not only ensure you get the most from your data but it is also easy and simple to obtain the data you need.

Why use a database?
For most businesses, the more you know about your customers, suppliers and competitors, the better. Therefore the gathering, storing and processing of information in the form of databases can provide you with a distinct advantage(1).

Using a database allows a store of information to be built up over time and can become increasingly useful and valuable. For example, historical data can show you business trends, or sales records can identify valuable customers. In addition, the disciplines required to gather, enter and process such data can help to ensure that your business is run in a regulated and properly managed way (2).

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Sage Line 500
Whether installing for the first time, or enhancing what you have, sometimes it’s nice to have someone extra on your side. 

Sage Line 500 is a powerful product, easy to integrate with and extract information from, but without in-house experience these tasks can be daunting or expensive. 

Beyond Beige can help new systems installations, upgrades, reporting, bespoke specifications; all helping relieve the strain on internal staff, and helping you achieve the most from your investment.

Open Source software
Open source software is available for most business needs, including databases, office tools, operating systems, internet related applications and IT security.

Unlike proprietary software, Open Source software is free and can provide businesses with powerful, secure, well supported and cost effective solutions.

Beyond Beige can advise, install and provide training on many of the popular Open Source applications such as Open Office.